Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are your products gluten free?

A: All Oryzae Amazake are gluten free, although they are not certified so.  One of our ingredients, wheatgrass is also considered gluten-free when harvested from a growing wheat plant without any seeds.

Q: Are your products dairy free?

A: All Oryzae Amazake are dairy free.

Q: What are the nutritional benefits of Oryzae Amazake?

A: According to the various studies, Koji amazake contains vitamin B1, B2, B5, B6, biotin, folic acid, dietary fibre, oligosaccharide, cysteine, arginine and glutamine. There are several potential benefits you can get from drinking amazake: promotes healthy skin and hair, relieves constipation, relieves fatigue, and other effects on human health. Read more about the nutrition of our range under the 'Nutrition' tab.

Q: Are Oryzae Amazake suitable for children?

A: Yes, our Amazake are suitable for children but should not be considered a meal replacement.

Q: Are Oryzae Amazake sugar free?

A: Amazake is sweet in taste and has a slight aromatic flavour. It has a natural sweetness from rice with no added sugar. The sweetness of amazake is from glucose, derived from starch broken down by A. Oryzae amylase. It is a unique beverage for which the main component is glucose, as compared to other sweet such as fruit juice, for which the main sugars are sucrose and fructose Our Amazake contain a high level of fibre, like fruit, which helps regulate blood sugar levels.

Q: Are Oryzae Amazake non-alcoholic?
A: Yes, it is. Our Amazake is non-alcoholic. Read more about the process of making Amazake under the 'History' tab. 

Q: When and how long do I need to take Amazake?
A: In order to appreciate the full benefit of Amazake, it’s recommended to take a small amount regularly. As a start, try it for a month to begin seeing the effectiveness of Amazake. Also, you can experiment with different times, depending on your needs:
To benefit healthy skin, you can take Amazake in the evening, as skin metabolism will occur during the night.
To activate the brain, you can take Amazake in the morning.
To restore your energy, you can take Amazake as a snack while studying, before a performance, or after exercise.

Q: How much Amazake can I take per day?

A: Even though our Amazake is naturally sweet with no added sugar, like anything, it is good to take a moderate amount. As a guideline, you can take Oryzae Amazake up to 250ml per day. As you tune into your body, it will tell you what it needs. 


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